Forklift Training Courses at the Training Centre in Aylesbury with Counterbalance and Reach Trucks

Forklift training at training centre in Aylesbury

Counterbalance ForkLift Training courses On-Site in Cheshunt at your business premises .

FLT Courses in Cheshunt

Forklift Training Courses in Cheshunt On-Site at your business premises

We specialise in Forklift Training offering a personal service tailored to your individual needs On-Site at your Company using your forklift Truck and in your normal working enviroment.

Forklift Training Courses at competitive prices

We offer Forklift Training in line with the ITSSAR Standards, as recognised by the Health and Safety Commission and listed in the Approved Code of Practice and Guidance for Rider-Operated Lift Trucks (ACOP L117).

Forklift Training Courses Are Available for all levels of experience

Novice, Refresher, Experienced and Conversion Forklift Courses are available. Training times vary according to the type of course and number of trainees up to a maximum of three as regulated by the Health and Safety Executive.

ITSSAR Accredited Fork Truck Training Course Time Table

Status Ratio & Days
    3:1  2:1  1:1
  Novice   5 Days  4 Days  3 Days
  Existing   3 Days  2 Days  2 Days
  Refresher   1 Day  1 Day   1 Day
  Conversion   2 Days  2 Days   1 Day

The Need For Forklift Training

"Under The Health and Safety at Works Act 1974 and PUWER 1998 Regulations states that Employers have a Responsibility to Train All Their Employee's who use work equipment".

The need for proper Forklift Training cannot be over-emphasised. Forklift Trucks are extremely dangerous if not operated correctly and no-one should be allowed to use one unless properly trained.

Failure to follow this rule inevitably results in misuse of the machine, excessive downtime, serious product damage and unnecessary accidents involving equipment, vehicles and personnel, all of which cost money.

Forklift Training Courses are also available at the Training Centre in Aylesbury, Bucks.

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